About Caryn

Coming from a long line of cowboys and cowgirls, Caryn has spent most of her life on working cattle ranches and farms; she has witnessed the disappearance and evolution of much of the West as we know it. She and the Red Plains artists take pride in portraying the West as it really was, eschewing the fictitious tropes found in many stereotypical westerns.

Caryn’s first published work was the children’s picture book Sunny Bear’s Rainy Day, the first in a series of children’s picture books that are in progress. These books are a collaboration with artist Noel Tuazon (who has also contributed on Red Plains). She is currently spending most of her time on Red Plains, sportswriting, and a new crime noir graphic novel, Hit & Run, which is not yet completed.

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Creative Influences
Caryn’s influences are widely varied, and a list could go on forever. But some of her writing influences include Cormac McCarthy, David Simon, Kazuo Koike, Larry McMurtry, Anne Rice, David Mamet, Grant Morrison, James Yoshimura, Tom Fontana, Greg Rucka, & Ed Brubaker, to name a few. Caryn is also strongly influenced by many filmmakers, ranging from Alfred Hitchcock to Akira Kurosawa, from Martin Scorsese to Spike Lee.


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