Day 1 of NaNoWriMo

Day 1 is down! Word count so far: 1773. As is typical when I write, at first I wasn’t liking what I was putting down but I kept writing anyway, and next thing I knew I was liking some of what I wrote, and then more, and I hit my minimum number of words for today with still more story bursting at the seams. So I left the book in a place where it’ll be easy and fun to jump right in, whether it’s later today or tomorrow. (Probably later today.)

I toyed around with Scrivener for the first time today. A test drive. At first I thought it sounded very cool, but as I started writing in it I was distracted by the fact that I can’t use it across all my devices unless I export it out as a Word doc every time, so I went back to plain old Word and saving it in my SkyDrive. I sometimes think that we are all too easily wowed by shiny new things rather than just writing and not caring what pretty package we’re doing it within. But am I wrong? Any of you writers who use Scrivener who would never go back to Word alone?

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